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Chemical Peel Facial

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Years of sun exposure, current and past acne breakouts, and environmental pollutants damage our skin and cause us to look older. A chemical peel procedure will produce a smoother, clearer complexion by removing rough compacted surface skin layers. The procedure promotes healthy cell growth while revealing a radiant, even-toned complexion.

“It sounds scary!”

Understandably, when you hear “chemical peel” you might envision painful acid steaming away on your face. The basics are that chemical peels vary in intensity and, therefore, results. Some feel as pleasing as a spa facial, and others require sedation. We leave the very deep peels to other providers and focus on a variety of mild to moderate peels.

At your consultation, our aesthetician will talk with you about your skin—what you like and what you’d like to change. If together you determine that a chemical peel is in order, she will go over the options available and suggest the peel that is right for your skin and your budget.

The procedure.

First you will lie back and relax. The aesthetician will cleanse and dry your face and then she will apply a solution to your skin. The solution will be left on for several minutes. You will feel a tingling or stinging sensation. This will subside quickly. Depending on the peel you choose, an additional neutralizing masque or a vitamin-rich calming serum may be applied. The last step is sunscreen.

The Results.

Your body builds its skin from the inside out. Therefore, the oldest, most telling layers are at the surface. The components in a chemical peel actually work to dissolve the “glue” that holds these cloudy, aged and unnecessary cells together. For several days after the procedure, this skin will flake or “Peel” and be shed, revealing the younger, more vibrant skin underneath.

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