Age Spots Removal

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Many surgeons and their patients have turned to IPL Photofacial and Laser Skin Resurfacing for age spots removal as a method of reducing or, in some cases, eliminating the appearance of skin spots. IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. The treatment involves using light waves which target the increased melanin that leads to visible age spots.

The skin lets the light in, where it is absorbed by the melanin. This fragments the pigment, dispersing it and reducing its visibility. It’s not the only age spot treatment on the market, but it has proven to be one of the most successful.

What Are Age Spots?

Age spots—named because of their common appearance in those over 40—are blemishes on the skin’s surface. These spots can range from light brown to dark black and can take a range of sizes and shapes. Some who experience age spots will see them growing in clusters, while others will experience single instances at a time. Age spots should always be examined by a dermatologist to determine their true nature.

While they are harmless from a health standpoint, it is important to rule out similar-looking spots that can indicate skin cancer. Once something more serious has been ruled out, the patient can consider IPL age spots treatment.

What Causes Age Spots?

Sun exposure is the number one culprit behind age spots. Due to a culture of tanning, doctors have begun to see age spots appear in individuals much younger than 40 on a steadily increasing basis. Of course, even those who steadfastly avoid the sun could still be susceptible to age spots. As we grow older, our bodies tend to produce more melanin naturally.

Clusters of the pigment can lead to the appearance of spots on the skin. Those with naturally fair skin may be at increased risk of age spots. Though harmless, many people have a distaste for their appearance. IPL and laser skin resurfacing age spots removal provides an effective options for those who want smooth, unblemished skin.

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