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Convenient to Princeton, Trenton and Langhorne
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Our Newtown, PA Medspa is located is in the heart of Newtwon next door to the Sycamore Grill. There is plenty of convenient, free parking in the rear parking lot as well as some street parking right out front of our office. Our highly skilled doctors, nurses and aestheticians will provide you with a no-pressure, free consultation within your budget to help you achieve your goals.
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Laser Hair Removal Service Newtown, PA Low, Low Treatment Prices!

We offer pay-as-you-go pricing for ultimate flexibility, or package pricing for the best savings!

Our Bucks County laser hair removal location is convenient to Trenton, Princeton NJ, as well as Langhorne PA.

Bella Medspa offers a quick, safe and affordable solution to the mess of shaving, waxing and tweezing. Say goodbye to nicks, cuts, stubble and ingrown hair. Our treatments will leave your skin smooth and maintenance free.

Popular Treatment Areas Include

About Bella Medspa Laser Hair Removal

Bella Medspa is leading provider of laser hair removal in Bucks County and in the Philadelphia area, Chester Springs, Harrisburg, Lancaster and Reading, PA. Our Newtown, PA location in Buck County is convenient to Princeton, Trenton, Doylestown, Yardley, Richboro, New Hope, Lambertville, Langhorne, Levittown, Morrisville, Willow Grove, Montgomeryville, Northwales and Landsdale. The Bella Medspa laser technician is well trained and experienced, enabling them to offer safe, one-on-one, personalized service.

What to Expect at Your Laser Treatment

Before you arrive for your treatment we ask that you shave the area to remove unwanted hair. The closer the shave the more comfortable and effective your treatment will be. When you arrive you will be asked to fill out paper work if you are a new client before treatment. You laser tech esthetician will make sure that you are comfortable and assure that you have no pain during your treatment.

How Laser Hair Removal Works

Hair Growth Phases

Understanding hair growth phases is important because the laser is effective only on hair that are in their growth phase. At any given time about 20% of hair follicles are in their growth phase and 80% are not. This is why for any given treatment lasers are able to permanently eliminate about 20% of the hair follicles in the treatment area with each treatment session. This means that if you complete one treatment, you should see a permanent reduction of 20%.

These are only averages. Each client gets different results. But on average we tell our clients that they will probably need 6 to 9 treatments to achieve maximum results.

Why Choose Bella Medspa

Over Ten Years Proven Track Record

We have achieved outstanding results for our clients with laser hair removal, cosmetic injections, coolsculpting and skin treatments for over ten years now. learn more

Six convenient locations throughout South Eastern Pennsylvania

With six locations throughout southeastern Pennsylvania and greater Philadelphia you will find a Bella Medspa location close by regardless of where you live, making it easy to book appointments! locations

Trained Experienced Technicians

Each of our laser technicians undergo rigorous training. Our medical director, Dr. Appel has over 15 years experienced in medical aesthetics field. He has developed a strict treatment protocol to ensure safe yet effective procedures. learn more.

Gold Standard Lasers

At Bella Medspa we use the Primelase Laser System. This laser can treat all skin types effectively and provides a high level of safety and results. learn more

Botox in Newtown, PA - and other skin care clinic treatments

Cosmetic injections such as Botox, Jeuveau, Juvederm and Radiesse can have a subtle yet impact full effect on your appearance helping you look younger and more energetic. Combined with anti aging skin rejuvenation treatments and products offered at Bella Medspa you can take years off your appearance in one visit.

Bella Medspa also offers training programs for nurses interested in becoming a cosmetic injector. Learn more about our Botox and fillers training for nurses.

CoolSculpting Non-Invasive Body Sculpting Fat Reduction

Bella Medspa also offers Coolsculpting at the Philadelphia Newtown, PA Bucks County office. Come in for a free consultation and see how coolsculpting treatments can remove up to 25% of the fat from the treated area. Look slimmer and ago once again.

In addition to Coolsculpting Bella Medspa also offers SmatLipo and Brazilian Butt Lift consultations in conjunction with The Lumen Center in Bryn Mawr, PA.


Microneedling uses tiny sterilized needles to puncture the skin and enact minor physical trauma that prompts deep layers of skin to begin to rebuild themselves. Microneedling is a skin rejuvenation technique used to help treat a range of skin conditions.

Microneedling can help improve a range of skin conditions, including:

  • Acne scarring
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • “Crepey” skin
  • Enhances elasticity and texture of skin

Not sure which is right for you? Call our office and we would be happy to go over the two treatments with you on the phone. Consultations are free. 484-341-8239

Laser Hair Removal FAQ

Each person reacts differently to laser hair removal. Everyone gets a different amount of utility out of not having to shave. So, the answer to this question really depends on the person. Some people find laser hair removal to be worth the cost and inconvenience, while others do not. There are a lot of factors that go into whether or not laser hair removal is worth it, such as the amount of hair that needs to be removed, the location of the hair, and the patient’s budget.

Laser hair removal isn’t necessarily painful for everyone. Some people report feeling a slight tingling sensation, but most say it’s not uncomfortable. The level of pain you experience will depend on your pain tolerance, but in general laser hair removal does not involve severe discomfort.

For most people each laser hair removal session will destroy about 20% of the hair follicle in the treated area. But everyone reacts differently to treatment. At Bella Medspa we advise that most people will need 6 to 10 treatments to achieve maximum, permanent hair reduction.

Laser hair removal is a long-term solution for hair removal. When a hair follicle is damaged by laser hair removal the hair does not return. The hair that is removed will remain removed permanently. Hormonal changes can cause hair follicles that were dormant and hair growth from those follicles may occur. In that case, a touch up may be required for maximum result.

The short answer is yes–laser hair removal is typically a permanent solution for getting rid of unwanted hair. However, there are some cases where it may not be completely successful, in which case you’d need additional treatment sessions. This is why it’s crucial that you seek out this treatment from an experienced provider like Bella Medspa.

Shaving is typically not recommended for at least 48 hours after laser hair removal. This is to allow the hair follicles to heal and prevent irritation. Tweezing is not recommended after laser hair removal. This can cause irritation and may even remove the treated hair follicles. If you must tweeze, it is best to wait at least 48 hours after your treatment before doing so.

Bella Medspa can customize a full body laser hair removal price for you based on your specific needs. Please reach out to us for a quote.

Yes, laser hair removal is FDA cleared and is safe. The potential side effects do include minor burns. To reduce the risk of burns make sure that you inform your technician about exposure to sun before treatment and follow your technician’s post treatment instructions on sun exposure.

Directions to our Newtown, PA Bucks County Medspa

Bella Med Spa in Newtown

Get on U.S. 1 S from Chambers St, Greenwood Ave and Market St, Continue on U.S. 1 S to Lower Makefield Township. Take exit 49 from I-95 N, Continue on PA-332 W. Drive to Newtown Yardley Rd in Newtown Township, Use the left 2 lanes to turn left onto PA-332 W, Turn right onto Newtown Yardley Rd, Our office will be on your left.

Take Pebble Hill Rd and Swamp Rd to Newtown Yardley Rd in Newtown Township, Our office will be on the right.

Head south on PA-32 S/S Main St/River Rd toward Ferry St, Turn right onto Taylorsville Rd, Turn right onto PA-532 S, Turn left onto Lindenhurst Rd, Turn right onto PA-332 W, Turn right onto Newtown Yardley Rd, Our office will be on your left.

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