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Liposuction is one of the most common cosmetic surgery procedures performed today. Scientific advancement has resulted in this body contouring procedure that offers excellent results and minimal downtime. Smart Lipo, which uses laser energy to kill fat cells, lets physicians customize this fat reduction procedure to best suit your body.

Genetics and aging result in areas of fat that no amount of exercise can eliminate. Do not allow dissatisfaction with fat distribution to undercut your nutritional and fitness efforts! Laser liposuction procedures are an appropriate solution for those who have come close to their goal weight but still have persistent areas of fat.

Modern liposuction has been being performed for almost 40 years. As with any cosmetic procedure, many misconceptions have emerged as patients began to understand the broad strokes of the procedure.

Smart Lipo is a form of laser lipolysis. During the SmartLipo procedure, physicians insert lasers under the skin to break fat down before extracting it with a vacuum. Anytime you undergo a procedure, you want modern technology that has been employed long enough for providers to perfect their technique.

While it’s a relatively recent advancement, Smart Lipo is highly effective, safe, and low-risk when performed by a skilled practitioner. Learning as much as you can about the skin tightening procedure will maximize your likelihood of finding the right provider.

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What is Smart Lipo?

Smart Lipo treatment is a newer form of liposuction. Doctors make smaller incisions in the treated areas than with traditional liposuction. They then insert a laser that uses varying waves of light to melt the fat under the skin.

Once broken down, the fat is easier to extract than during traditional liposuction. The doctor uses smaller tubes and lighter suction to withdraw the tissue. This shortens your recovery time and reduces post-procedure pain.

Collagen is a naturally occurring compound that keeps our skin youthful and taut. Smart Lipo stimulates natural collagen production. This ensures the skin recovers effectively after the procedure, keeping it smooth and tight as your new shape takes hold.

Who is a Good Candidate for Liposuction?

Despite its relatively low invasiveness and risk, liposuction is still a serious medical procedure. Good candidates are those who are in generally good health and devoid of infections or major contraindications like bleeding disorders.

Liposuction is only appropriate for patients near their target weight and with a Body Mass Index (BMI) under 35. If your BMI is too low or too high or the doctor determines that there isn’t enough fat tissue for extraction, you may not be able to undergo liposuction.

It’s important to discuss your expectations with your doctor to ensure liposuction can address the specific area you want to treat.

Factors That Affect Liposuction Cost

Treatment Area

Certain areas of the body are larger than others and will therefore pose a higher procedural cost. The size of the areas being treated can have seriously influence the cost of your liposuction surgery. Removing fat from the chin may involve just one incision and a shorter overall treatment time.

On the other hand, an all-encompassing abdominal treatment involving the stomach, love handles, and back demands multiple incisions and cannulas. When it comes to the cost of SmartLipo, the number of areas being treated matters.

How Much Fat is Being Removed

Smart Lipo is effective and less invasive than other fat removal techniques because its laser essentially liquefies the fat before its removal from the body. The more fat that needs to be extracted, the longer the treatment and the more expensive the procedure.

Where You Live

As with any service or procedure, geography influences price. Generally, patients in coastal areas will pay a higher cost than those in the Midwest and Southeast. Costs will also be higher in urban and large metropolitan areas than in suburban areas.

Surgeon’s Qualification

Liposuction is a medical procedure that requires extensive training and skill to be safe and effective. Always receive treatment from a board-certified plastic surgeon at an established practice with a proven track record, such as those at Bella Medspa. Visit our website to schedule a free consultation today!

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