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Laser Hair Removal Special

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About Laser Hair Removal Procedure

Not only does Laser Hair Removal minimize hair removal upkeep, but it also gives your skin a smooth appearance and texture that no other method can achieve. It is the most effective hair removal method currently available on the market.

Popular Treatment Areas Include:

Bella Medspa provides more Primelase laser treatments than any other provider in our metro region, with six locations throughout the Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Reading, and Bucks County regions. Our ‘staff members’ are knowledgeable and experienced, and it shows in our customer service and outcomes.

Bella Medspa not only makes treatments convenient, but we also provide fantastic deals and payment arrangements.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a permanent remedy for removing unwanted hair. The lasers used in the therapy damage hair follicles while causing no harm to the skin. The operation is quick to conduct and involves minimal downtime.

Laser hair removal also eliminates the risk of uncomfortable in-grown hairs that can occur when you use conventional hair removal methods. The procedure is only mildly uncomfortable, and aftercare is usually as simple as avoiding sun exposure and skin irritation for a few weeks following your session.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

When we utilize a laser to remove hair follicles, we are sending high-energy light into the follicles. This energy is so powerful that it destroys hair follicles. It is critical to understand that not all hair follicles will be destroyed during a single laser therapy session, though.

This is because hair follicles alternate between active and resting growth periods. Certain physical features of hair follicles in their most active development phase make them especially vulnerable to the laser’s destructive impact.

For most people, laser therapy can remove roughly 20% of hair follicles in a single treatment session. This means that with only one treatment, you should see a reduction in the number of hair follicles sprouting in the treated region.

Most individuals seek to drastically diminish or remove unwanted hair follicles. As a result, most customers will require a number of laser therapy sessions. Most fair to medium complexion people with dark hair follicles will require 6 to 12 sessions or more to attain their best possible results. Medium to dark skinned individuals will most likely require more treatments.

Laser Hair Removal Side Effects

During the treatment, you will often feel a stinging or cracking feeling where the laser is administered. Each of these sensations barely lasts a fraction of a second. Your skin will become pink or crimson, become sensitive to touch, and you will most likely observe perifollicular edema—or swelling—at the root of each hair. This will appear like a swarm of small mosquito bites, and it typically vanishes within 20 minutes to 2 hours but can continue for up to a day or two.

The hairs will become burnt, ashen, or even sticky before breaking apart and being shed by your skin. As this occurs, you will detect hairs just beneath the skin’s surface working their way out. This look has been characterized as “peppery,” as if microscopic black particles of pepper were flecked on the skin. This is entirely normal and will go away within a few days to a few weeks. Some individuals get concerned by this and try to remove the hair with a loofah or scrub, but it’s better to leave it alone. Your body will naturally expel the hair.

Who Should Do Laser Hair Removal and Who Shouldn’t?

Laser hair removal is generally considered safe for all people, regardless of their skin tone. However, individuals with active infections or newly tanned skin should avoid the treatment.

The best way to determine your suitability is to speak with a seasoned laser hair removal expert such as Bella Medspa.

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We have achieved outstanding results for our clients with laser hair removal, cosmetic injections, coolsculpting and skin treatments for over 18 years now. learn more

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Each of our laser technicians undergo rigorous training. Our medical director, Dr. Appel has over ’18 years’ experienced in medical aesthetics field. He has developed a strict treatment protocol to ensure safe yet effective procedures. learn more.

Gold Standard Lasers

At Bella Medspa we use the Primelase Laser System. This laser can treat all skin types effectively and provides a high level of safety and results. learn more

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Bella Medspa Laser Hair Removal Specials

By offering great specials, and a lifetime discounted treatment guarantee, we offer our clients affordability and the assurance of a lifetime of maintenance treatments. Administered by experienced and well trained practitioners, laser hair removal can be used to effectively remove hair from all body areas. As one of the top providers in South Eastern Pennsylvania, our practitioners have a great deal of experience. Learn More

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