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Laser Hair Removal

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Our Reading, PA Medspa is located inside the United Artists Salon. By colaborating with the the Salon we are able to offer Bella Medspa laser hair removal to the residents of West Reading and Reading and Wyomissing, PA.
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Laser Hair Removal Service Reading, PA

Bella Medspa in Laser hair removal in Reading, PA offers a quick, safe and affordable solution to the mess of shaving, waxing and tweezing. Say goodbye to nicks, cuts, stubble and ingrown hair. Our treatments will leave your skin smooth and maintenance free.

How Laser Hair Removal Works

About Laser Hair Removal

In addition to reducing the work required for long-term hair removal, laser hair removal gives your skin a smooth, silky finish that is unattainable with conventional methods. It’s the greatest hair removal method on the market right now.

No other provider in our metro area uses the Primelase Laser System for as many treatments as Bella Medspa, which has six locations spread around the Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Reading, and Bucks County areas. Our client service and outcomes reflect the professionalism and experience of our specialists.

Bella Medspa not only offers fantastic deals and flexible payment options, but we also make treatments convenient.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Intense light energy is sent into hair follicles when a laser is used to destroy them. This destruction is a result of the active and resting growth stages that hair follicles go through. Follicles in their most active development phase are more vulnerable to the harmful effects of lasers.

With each treatment session, laser therapy may remove around 20% of the hair follicles for most patients. This means that you should see a decrease in the number of hair follicles sprouting in the treated region after just one treatment.

The majority of individuals seek to drastically decrease or get rid of unwanted hair follicles. As a result, the majority of customers will require many laser therapy sessions. Most people with fair to medium skin tones and dark hair follicles will require six to twelve sessions or more in order to attain their optimal results.

People with medium to dark skin tones may need additional treatments. Remember that the laser light is absorbed by the skin’s and hair’s dark pigment and transformed into thermal energy to understand why.

The client will experience this heat as something akin, like a rubber band snapping across their skin. Medium to dark skin will respond more strongly to the laser; therefore, a slower, gentler approach will be necessary for those clients’ comfort and safety.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Unwanted hair can be permanently removed with laser hair removal. The skin is unaffected by the treatment’s lasers, which kill hair follicles. There is no downtime needed for the treatment, and it can be completed quickly.

Ingrown hairs can be uncomfortable and can result from other hair removal methods. Fortunately, laser hair removal keeps this from happening. The aftercare is usually as easy as avoiding sun exposure and skin irritation for a few weeks following your session, and the therapy only causes minimal discomfort.

Who Should Do Laser Hair Removal and Who Shouldn’t?

Regardless of their skin tone, most people are can safely undergo laser hair removal. However, those with light skin and dark hair typically achieve the best results from the procedure.

You should avoid the procedure if you recently tanned your skin or if you have any active infections. The best way to evaluate your candidacy is to schedule a consultation with an experienced laser hair removal provider like Bella Medspa. They will be able to assess your hair and forecast its response to the treatment.

Laser Hair Removal vs. Waxing

When you remove hair by waxing, hair grows back to replace the hair that was removed. You must also wait until the hair is long enough to adhere to the wax before scheduling follow-up sessions in order to maintain your desired results.

On the contrary, laser hair removal is a long-term fix. Although several sessions are typically needed, the outcomes last far longer than with waxing. In one study, nearly 88% of laser hair removal patients were still experiencing results 11.5 years after their treatment.

Laser Hair Removal vs. Electrolysis

Electrolysis uses short-wave radio frequency to destroy hair follicles and stop hair growth. Small needles are used by the device to pierce the skin and destroy the follicles. Because of this method, electrolysis carries a higher risk of infection than laser hair removal.

In contrast to electrolysis, laser hair removal can be applied to larger areas, enabling you to remove more hair in fewer sessions. One study comparing the two techniques found that laser hair removal is both less painful and 60 times faster than electrolysis.

Why Choose Bella Medspa

Over 19 Years Proven Track Record

We have achieved outstanding results for our clients with laser hair removal, cosmetic injections, coolsculpting and skin treatments for over 19 years now. learn more

Six convenient locations throughout South Eastern Pennsylvania

With six locations throughout southeastern Pennsylvania and greater Philadelphia you will find a Bella Medspa location close by regardless of where you live, making it easy to book appointments! locations

Trained Experienced Technicians

Each of our laser technicians undergo rigorous training. Our medical director, Dr. Appel has over 15 years experienced in medical aesthetics field. He has developed a strict treatment protocol to ensure safe yet effective procedures. learn more.

Gold Standard Lasers

At Bella Medspa we use the Primelase Laser System. This laser can treat all skin types effectively and provides a high level of safety and results. learn more

CoolSculpting Non-Invasive Body Sculpting Fat Reduction

Bella Medspa also offers Coolsculpting at the Reading, PA office. Come in for a free consultation and see how coolsculpting treatments can remove up to 25% of the fat from the treated area. Look slimmer and ago once again.

In addition to Coolsculpting Bella Medspa also offers Smart Lipo and Brazilian Butt Lift consultations in conjunction with The Lumen Center in Bryn Mawr, PA.


Microneedling uses tiny sterilized needles to puncture the skin and enact minor physical trauma that prompts deep layers of skin to begin to rebuild themselves. Microneedling is a skin rejuvenation technique used to help treat a range of skin conditions.

Microneedling can help improve a range of skin conditions, including:

  • Acne scarring
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • “Crepey” skin
  • Enhances elasticity and texture of skin

Laser Hair Removal FAQ

Usually, the area where the laser is being administered will experience a somewhat painful stinging or snapping sensation during the actual therapy. These feelings are fleeting, lasting only a few milliseconds each. Your skin may turn pink or even scarlet and feel sensitive to the touch, and you’ll probably observe swelling, or perifollicular edema, at the root of each hair. This can persist for up to a day or two, though it typically subsides within two hours.

After your treatment, you may also detect markings that resemble little bruises. Though uncommon, this is a more severe response that can and does occur. We very seldom see this reaction at Bella Medspa because we approach our treatments carefully, but it makes sense that our customers should be concerned about such an unattractive and potentially unpleasant reaction.

In addition to starting out pink, these bruise-like spots may also turn crimson, purple, and/or brown before finally fading completely over the course of a few days. They may even get flaky or dry and break at the skin’s surface. It’s crucial to refrain from picking at this skin as it heals. Make sure the area is clean, and treat any dry or cracked areas with an antibiotic ointment. This will promote healing and protect any exposed skin from bacteria and germs.

Regardless of skin tone or hair color, laser hair removal is generally safe for all people. Nevertheless, the operation shouldn’t be done on people whose skin has recently been tanned or who are suffering from active infections.

It’s advisable to speak with a knowledgeable laser hair removal provider like Bella Medspa to determine your eligibility for this treatment.

The laborious process of waxing involves manually extracting hair from the follicle. When this method is used, hair grows back in the removed hair’s place over time. This is why waxing sessions need to be repeated in order to maintain one’s desired results.

On the contrary, laser hair removal offers a long-term fix. Patients usually need just six to ten sessions in total to achieve their desired cosmetic outcomes. Nearly 88% of individuals in a 2019 study who were followed up with 11.5 years after their last laser hair removal session reported lasting improvement.

Short-wave radio frequency is used in electrolysis to harm hair follicles and stop hair growth. The gadget uses tiny needles to pierce the skin and target the follicles. Consequently, unlike laser hair removal, electrolysis carries an infection risk.

In comparison to electrolysis, laser therapy can treat bigger regions, enabling you to eliminate more hair in fewer sessions. Laser hair removal is also 60 times quicker and less painful than electrolysis, according to research comparing the two techniques.

Before going to your laser hair removal session, make sure the treatment area is clear of lotions, makeup, deodorant, and other topical applications. For three days prior to treatment, refrain from using glycolics and Retin-A (only in the treated region). Tetracyclines, Zithromax, and St. John’s Wort should not be taken within two weeks of starting therapy either.

For two weeks before the treatment, refrain from using depilatories, bleaching, tweezing, or waxing. Finally, don’t use Accutane for six months before starting laser hair removal.

Following laser hair removal, your skin may seem puffed and become pink or red for up to 24 hours. You may also experience a mild stinging or itching sensation. For two weeks following your treatment, avoid leaving the treated region(s) in the sun for extended periods of time. On treated areas that could be exposed to the sun, use SPF 30 sunscreen.

For at least 48 hours after your treatment, refrain from using irritating skin products on the treated region(s). Hairs will naturally fall out and/or disappear on their own within 14 days of the session. Appointments for follow-up visits should be made at least six weeks apart.

Directions to our Reading, PA Medspa

Get on US-222 N/US-422 E from Lake Ave and Penn Ave 4 min (1.1 mi) Continue on US-422 E. Drive to US-422 BUS W/Penn Ave in West Reading. Take the US-422 BUS W/Penn Ave exit from US-422 E 3 min (2.4 mi) Turn right onto US-422 BUS W/Penn Ave Destination will be on the right

Get on US-222 N/US-422 E from Lake Ave and Penn Ave 4 min (1.1 mi) Continue on US-422 E. Drive to US-422 BUS W/Penn Ave in West Reading. Take the US-422 BUS W/Penn Ave exit from US-422 E 3 min (2.4 mi) Turn right onto US-422 BUS W/Penn Ave Destination will be on the right 18 s (0.1 mi)

Take W 8th St to PA-663 S in Upper Hanover Township 2 min (0.8 mi) Head southwest on W 8th St 0.4 mi Turn right onto Montgomery Ave 0.4 mi Continue on PA-663 S. Take PA-562 W to Schoffers Rd in Exeter Township 32 min (19.9 mi) Turn left onto PA-663 S 6.0 mi Turn right onto PA-663 S/PA-73 W/Big Rd Continue to follow PA-73 W/Big Rd 2.2 mi Turn right onto Big Rd/Layfield Rd/E Philadelphia Ave Continue to follow E Philadelphia Ave Pass by Rita’s Italian Ice & Frozen Custard (on the right in 1.9 mi) 2.1 mi Turn left onto PA-562 W/S Reading Ave Continue to follow PA-562 W 9.5 mi Follow Schoffers Rd and Rugby Rd to US-422 W/Perkiomen Av 6 min (3.2 mi) Turn left onto Schoffers Rd 1.8 mi Turn left onto Rugby Rd 1.2 mi Turn left onto Shelbourne Rd/SR 2033 344 ft Continue straight to stay on Shelbourne Rd/SR 2033 0.2 mi Follow US-422 W to US-422 BUS W/Penn Ave in West Reading 9 min (6.7 mi) Turn right onto US-422 W/Perkiomen Ave Pass by Arby’s (on the right in 0.6 mi) 1.0 mi Keep left to continue on US-422 W, follow signs for I-176/Reading 5.3 mi Exit onto US-422 BUS W/Penn Ave toward W Reading Destination will be on the right

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