Laser Hair Removal Cost

Laser Hair Removal Cost

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Interested in removing unwanted hair? Bella Medspa can help. See our laser hair removal price list below.

At Bella Medspa, we don’t sell packages and we don’t offer a monthly payment scheme. For your laser hair removal needs, we provide a per treatment price that is comparable to package pricing.

Why do we do it this way? Because we want to offer the best value with the most flexibility to our clients. Our approach allows our clients to avoid a large upfront payment and provides them with the flexibility to pay for treatment only when they want to be treated.

Bella Medspa Laser Hair Removal Prices

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Popular Body Areas

At Bella Medspa, we help our clients remove unwanted hair from various areas of the body. We work with each of our clients to customize treatment plans designed to target specific treatment areas.

Some of the most popular treatment areas among our clients include:

Full Body Laser Hair Removal Cost

At Bella Medspa, we base our prices on the size of the areas we treat. That cost of your treatment can vary depending on whether you’re seeking laser hair removal for your legs, arms, bikini line, or another area of your body.

Here, we offer per-treatment pricing that’s comparable to the pricing of most laser hair removal packages. Better yet, instead of requiring you to pay a lump sum or automatically scheduling several appointments for you, we provide a pay-as-you-go pricing structure. We take pride in offering flexible, competitive pricing for all of our clients.

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Cost

Are you tired of waxing? Would you like a more permanent hair removal solution? Look no further than Brazilian hair removal.

With Brazilian laser hair removal, a targeted laser is applied to the hair follicles on the pubic area and the surrounding skin. That electrolysis destroys the hair growth at its source, producing long-lasting results.

At Bella Medspa, we offer Brazilian hair removal at a price of $120 per treatment. Our patients typically need 6-12 treatments to achieve their desired results.

Bikini Line Laser Hair Removal Cost

If you regularly wax or shave your public and are seeking a longer-lasting hair-removal option, Bella Medspa has the solution for you. With our bikini line laser hair removal procedure, you can eliminate unwanted hair for good and enjoy wearing a bikini without that distraction.

Here, we offer bikini line laser hair removal for just $76 per treatment.

Laser Hair Removal Cost Legs

Whether you want to flaunt sleek, hairless legs or remove unwanted hair from your feet or toes, laser hair removal can do the job. At Bella Medspa, our Lumenis LightSheer Diode Laser can eliminate your unwanted hair with ease. Say goodbye to time-consuming shaving and painful waxing.

Bella Medspa offers a variety of laser hair removal services for the legs and feet, including:

  • Half-Leg Laser Hair Removal: $120 per treatment
  • Full-Leg Laser Hair Removal: $219 per treatment
  • Toe and Feet Laser Hair Removal: $54 per treatment

Upper Lip and Chin Laser Hair Removal Cost

If you want to circumvent or eradicate unsightly hair growth on your chin and/or upper lip, waxing and shaving usually don’t cut it. Fortunately, laser hair removal can help you recapture that smooth facial appearance.

At Bella Medspa, we offer several laser hair removal treatments targeting the chin, upper lip, and other areas of the face, including:

  • Upper Lip Laser Hair Removal: $32 per treatment
  • Chin Laser Hair Removal: $32 per treatment
  • Lip and Chin Laser Hair Removal: $54 per treatment
  • Chin and Throat Laser Hair Removal: $76 per treatment

Underarms Laser Hair Removal Cost

Underarm hair maintenance can be challenging, to say the least. But with laser hair removal, you can bypass shaving, waxing, further unsightly hair growth, and painful cuts and razor burns. Our laser technology can safely be applied to the underarms and surrounding skin to eliminate unwanted hair, prevent future growth, and help you achieve the appearance you’re looking for.

At Bella Medspa, underarm hair removal costs just $54 per treatment.

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