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CoolSculpting® is a revolutionary non-surgical contouring treatment that freezes stubborn fat, which then is naturally eliminated from your body. No needles, no special diets, no supplements, no surgery. And most importantly, no downtime.

With six locations throughout the Philadelphia area, Bucks County, Chester Springs, Lemoyne and Lancaster Bella Medspa has become a leading provider for Coolsculpting in South Eastern PA.

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CoolSculpting Treatment Areas

CoolSculpting can be used on any area where a patient wants to lose weight as long as there is enough fat in the area for the applicator to adhere to. The following are the most common areas patients choose:

CoolSculpting Treatment Areas Bella Medspa Philadelphia, PA

CoolSculpting is most commonly used to reduce abdominal fat, also known as belly fat. Even patients who exercise on a regular basis can have trouble losing belly fat. But if diet and exercise fail to produce your desired results, our treatments can provide that midsection fat reduction you’re looking for. Treatments for the abdomen can be done in one application or across up to three. During your consultation, we will be able to advise you on how many applications you should receive.

Even if they are not overweight, many people can develop a double chin due to heredity. Just like with abdominal fat treatments, treatment cycles for the chin can span one to three treatment sessions. It typically takes about 35 minutes to complete a single application.

The fat bulges in the hip, thigh, and buttocks are known as saddlebags. Some patients are predisposed to fat accumulation in these areas and may find it difficult to eliminate it through exercise alone. With as few as two treatment sessions, CoolSculpting can effectively reduce fat that causes saddlebags with significant results.

Many factors can lead to love handles, which are fat pockets on the sides of the abdomen above the hips. Love handles can develop even with a relatively healthy diet and regular exercise due to stress-induced cortisol increases, metabolism slowing due to age, sleep deprivation, and a variety of other causes. With just a few sessions, CoolSculpting can dramatically reduce or even eliminate the appearance of your love handles.

For women, back fat can also be referred to as “bra fat.” Back fat can also hide muscle tone that men have worked so hard to achieve. But muscle gain does not always imply fat loss or visible definition. CoolSculpting can help you get a more defined back while also reducing or eliminating back rolls.

Gynecomastia, also known as “man boobs,” is more than just a condition caused by excess fat. Hormone imbalances, anti-androgen medications, some antidepressants and anxiety medications, antibiotics, steroid use, heart medications, and even alcohol can all contribute to gynecomastia complications. Gynecomastia can also be caused by liver and kidney problems stemming from hormonal changes. To avoid noticeable breast development, some men must keep their body fat percentages well below average. By significantly reducing fat deposits in the chest, CoolSculpting is extremely effective at reducing the appearance of gynecomastia.

Even if other areas of the body like the belly appear to be slim, some patients have unwanted fat in their thighs. Thigh fat can be very uncomfortable for some people because it rubs against their inner thighs when they walk. This may make it difficult for some people to live a more active lifestyle. To prevent inner thigh rubbing, CoolSculpting can help create a “thigh gap.”

How Does Coolsculpting Work?

CoolScupting uses extreme cold to break down and kill fat cells. The applicator device is specially designed to only affect the targeted fat cells. Doctors use the cryolipolysis instrument on your skin without any of the cutting or subcutaneous suction involved in traditional liposuction.

The cold only harms fat cells, leaving your skin and other tissue unaffected. As the fat cells die over time, they are absorbed and filtered out by your immune system.

CoolSculpting is administered in a single session to the targeted area. Its effects materialize immediately as cells start dying, but they aren’t visibly apparent for about a week. As time passes and more fat cells are disposed of, your shape will continue to improve for several months.

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Many of us have stubborn fat despite diet and exercise.

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CoolSculpting® effectively target fat cells underneath the skin without damage to the skin or surrounding tissues. Treated fat cells are frozen and then die.

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In the weeks that follow, the body naturally processes and eliminates these dead fat cells. Treated fat cells are gone for good!*

CoolSculpting Risks and Side Effects

Since CoolSculpting is non-invasive, serious side effects are uncommon. Still, all medical treatments carry some risks.

The most frequent CoolSculpting side effect is redness around the treatment region, which usually vanishes within a few hours. Some people experience mild swelling and bruising that can last for up to a few weeks. It is also possible to experience mild stinging or tingling around the treatment area(s).

Another risk associated with CoolSculpting is contour abnormalities, which occur when one part of the treated region appears fuller than another. Visiting a knowledgeable CoolSculpting specialist such as Bella Medspa will decrease your odds of experiencing this.

What Makes an Ideal Candidate for CoolSculpting?

The ideal CoolSculpting candidate is generally healthy with some persistent fat pockets. They are at or near their ideal weight and follow a steady workout regimen and a balanced diet.

Although CoolSculpting is a permanent treatment, post-treatment weight gain may cause fat to reappear in the treated region, which makes it all the more important to eat well and exercise regularly.

Who Shouldn’t Get CoolSculpting?

Patients should, in general, be in good overall health before undergoing any elective medical procedure, even if it is non-invasive. Those who have cold-sensitivity diseases, current infections, unrepaired hernias, and/or extensive loose skin in their intended treatment area(s) are not eligible for CoolSculpting.

Pregnancy and a BMI more than 30 are other contraindications for CoolSculpting.

How to Prepare for CoolSculpting Treatment

Because CoolSculpting is a non-invasive treatment, there is little preparation required. Patients are normally advised to avoid smoking and using blood-thinning drugs before their CoolSculpting treatment session, as well as to keep hydrated.

Discussing your concerns and questions with your provider at your CoolSculpting appointment and following any pre-treatment steps they prescribe will ensure that your treatment goes well.

What Happens During the CoolSculpting Procedure?

The CoolSculpting treatment is rapid and virtually painless. First, the treatment location will be prepared, then the applicator will be placed on your skin by the technician. You may experience intense cold and some pulling due to the device’s mild suction.

Within a few minutes, the treated region will go numb from the cold. The treatment process takes between 30 and 60 minutes. Once it’s over, you can go about your business as usual. Anesthesia, sedation, vacuum suction, and cutting are not used in the treatment.

What Is CoolSculpting Recovery Like?

One of the numerous advantages of CoolSculpting over liposuction treatments is the absence of downtime. You’ll be treated during a routine daytime office visit and be able to return to work, home, or your other activities right away. During the process, no sedation, incisions, or stitches are utilized.

Mild bruising and swelling are possible after the operation, but these usually go away within 10 days. Because of the intense cold used in the treatment, mild skin discomfort and discoloration are also possible.

Fortunately, even if you experience these side effects, they are usually brief and mild.

How Long Does it Take to See CoolSculpting Results?

Following the surgery, your fat cells instantly begin to die, and your initial results will be noticeable within a week or two. As the cell death proceeds, your body’s contour will continue to change.

Your final results will materialize within four months of your treatment. These will last as long as you keep your weight under control and follow a good exercise and nutrition program. Most people need two treatments to completely treat the area. 89.2% of patients were “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with Coolsculpting after 2 visits. After 2 visits, patients see up to 73% more fat reduction than the first visit.

Freeze Fat = No Surgery and No Downtime

CoolSculpting technology exploits the fact that fat cells will freeze (and die) at a higher temperature than other cells. This means the we can leave other tissue in the treated area unharmed while killing the fat cells. A handpiece is used to hold the targeted tissue in place while the cooling panels bring the temperature of the fat cells down to their freezing point. This causes the treated fat cells to die. (Forever.) Learn More

The Coolsculpting Treatment at Bella Medspa

CoolSculpting body contouring uses new technology to remove stubborn fat cells from targeted parts of the body. This procedure uses very cold temperatures to prompt a natural-looking reduction in unsightly fat bulges, smoothing your curves and improving your overall appearance. The FDA-approved procedure is highly effective and approved to remove unwanted fat by as much as 25%.

Fat cells freeze and die at a higher temperature than other cells in the body. With CoolSculpting, an applicator holds the targeted area in place while specialized cooling panels reduce the temperature of the cells to their freezing point. As a result, the treated fat cells permanently die off—removing excess fat in the process.

Unlike other methods of fat reduction that involve needles, surgery, and lengthy recovery times, CoolSculpting patients can return to their normal activities almost immediately. And during the CoolSculpting treatment, you can read, listen to music, work on your laptop, or simply lean back and relax—no general anesthesia is required for this cosmetic procedure.

Does Coolsculpting Work?

CoolSculpting uses a procedure known as cryolipolysis to freeze and reduce the appearance of stubborn fat cells present in the patient. According to a study by clinicians at the NYU School of Medicine, cryolipolysis reduced unwanted fat in the treatment area of each patient by as much as 25%—and the results were still present 6 months after treatment!

Crylipolysis destroys fat cells by using controlled cooling technology to reduce body temperature in the treatment area to about 39 degrees Fahrenheit. At this stage, the cells die permanently without damage to the surrounding tissue. The liver excretes the dead fat cells out of the body within a few weeks after the initial treatment, and you can reap the full benefits of this fat reduction treatment within just a few months.

CoolSculpting produces different results in different people, which is why we have of experience Coolsculpting Technicians on staff to ensure all of our patients get their desired results regardless of their medical history or health care provider. Scheduling an appointment with Bella Medspa isn’t like scheduling one with your regular doctor–your regular doctor won’t work with you to craft a treatment plan like we will.

Coolsculpting Cost

CoolSculpting pricing depends on the size of the treatment area and your desired fat reduction outcome. You may need multiple CoolSculpting treatments to achieve the results you want to see. Since everyone’s body is different, a consultation with a Bella Medspa well-regarded coolsculpting technicians is required to determine price.

At Bella Medspa in Chester County, PA, we offer pay-as-you-go pricing for all of our cosmetic procedures, including CoolSculpting. Our flexible cycle-based pricing helps make this treatment as accessible and affordable as possible. Come visit one of our of experience coolsculpting technicians today!

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