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Latisse could be your one-stop lifesaver for long lashes and that beautiful, supermodel look. The only FDA-approved medication for stunning eyelash growth can lead to fuller lashes and a much more defined, luxurious look.

With Latisse, there is no need for multiple thick coats of mascara or messing around with false eyelashes. This growth serum can promote lash growth while remaining safe and effective - and it's not just a 'quick fix', either.

Whether you are experiencing hypotrichosis (very little growth of hair on your head) or just want to enhance your hair growth for that gorgeous glow that comes with darker eyelashes, Latisse could help.

Also, it's not all for cosmetic reasons - Latisse could improve your healthcare too! Since eyelashes protect your delicate eyes from falling debris, inadequate eyelash coverage could eventually lead to a variety of health and vision problems.

Before and After - Longer Lashes!


What Can I Expect From Latisse?

We all want quick results, no matter if they're from our healthcare, fashion choices, or skincare. Latisse is one of the few prescription products that gives you the results you need in a short amount of time.

But when will you see results? Generally, people begin to see the darker lashes they desire after four weeks of using Latisse. The full results will become evident after around sixteen weeks.*

Most people begin to see a difference in the appearance of their eyelashes in four weeks. Gradually, the full effects are realized at about 16 weeks. *

Latisse affects the growth phase of your eyelash hair in two distinct phases, which we can call 'phase one' and 'phase two'.

  • Phase One: Eyelash Length Increases
  • Phase Two: Number Of Eyelash Hairs Increases

Daily application will promote eyelash growth, leading to fuller lashes and a darker, more luxurious look!

Why Should I Buy Latisse?

As I mentioned earlier, Latisse is used for two main purposes: aesthetics and healthcare. Both are valid! Latisse will get to work whether you're using it to treat the symptoms of a health issue or simply to achieve a beautiful, defined look.

If you're sick of fake eyelashes and tired of going through endless bottles of mascara, feel free to give Latisse a try. Minimal side effects and FDA approval mean that it's a safe and effective growth serum that is ready to improve your eyelash length.

People have used Latisse to promote eyelash growth while suffering from alopecia areata (a disorder that regularly causes unpredictable hair loss) as well as chemotherapy (a common treatment for cancer).

Although the full results vary for everyone, studies have been promising.

How Does Latisse Work?

First, let's take a look at where Latisse came from. Lumigan is a drug with the same main ingredient as Latisse - it came first, and is used as eye drops to treat glaucoma (eye pressure problems leading to vision loss).

But users of Lumigan discovered an unexpected side effect: longer, fuller, darker lashes! This discovery prompted the development of Latisse as a growth serum specifically for eyelashes.

So, what's going on? Well, Latisse increases the length of your eyelashes' growth cycle. Specifically, it makes the active growth phase (or anagen) longer and promotes hair growth. This is why the eyelash serum appears to be a 'miracle' product, although no magic or mystery is going on here - just fascinating chemistry!


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"I've been buying Latisse from Bella Medspa for a couple years now. The service has been very reliable and the prices competative. And I have seen great results with my eyelashes. I highly recomend Bella Medspa as a source to buy Latisse." *

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Where Can I Buy Latisse?

Okay, so you're excited about Latisse. I'm excited too! But now we need to know where to pick up this wonderful growth serum.

You can buy Latisse from Bella Medspa for shipment in Philadelphia, as well as some other locations, with a prescription.

Also, you can visit your doctor's office and take their medical advice regarding Latisse. Dermatologists are often able to prescribe Latisse and many keep it in their offices, while pharmacies are another option.

Why Should I Buy Latisse Instead Of Other Brands?

There are other growth serums out there, and many of them may claim to be the exact same as Latisse. But it's important to remember that Latisse, or bimatoprost ophthalmic solution, is the only FDA-approved medication of its kind for eyelash growth.

Furthermore, Latisse is focused on ease of use and safety as well as amazing results. Both the 3 ml bottle and the 5 ml bottle come with sterile applicators which can negate possible side effects related to contamination.

Although there are other side effects, even the apparently common side effects aren't usually experienced by people who use Latisse. These rare occurrences could include:

  • Slight eye redness
  • Slight eye itchiness
  • Dry eyes
  • Iris discoloration (darkening of iris pigmentation/color)
  • Hair growth on eyelid skin (usually due to improper usage)

But it's important to remember that you take a much larger risk with non-FDA-approved serums since Latisse has gone through thorough clinical trials in order to display correct and accurate safety information.

Checking on potential allergens with your dermatologist or doctor is also recommended before you start living the Latisse dream.

How Do I Apply Latisse?

Latisse must be applied properly to get the best full results. Extending, darkening, and filling out your eyelashes to achieve that supermodel look requires daily applications of Latisse for between twelve and sixteen weeks. You can adjust your usage within that time frame according to the results that you see.

After the first twelve to sixteen weeks, you should continue to use Latisse from three to five times a week.

Every evening, you should remove all of your make-up and any contact lenses that you're wearing. Then, use a fresh applicator brush for each of your eyes and apply a single drop of the serum to your upper eyelid/lashes. You should apply it from the inner to the outer lashline, treating it a bit like a liquid eyeliner.

It's important to avoid applying Latisse to the lower eyelid/lashes or the actual eye. You should also remember that applying Latisse more than once a day has not been proven to speed up the serum or increase the effectiveness of the full results.

Step 1 Before Applying LATISSE
Ensure your face is clean. Remove makeup, contact lenses, and other skincare/facial care products.

Step 2 Prepare the Applicator
Remove an applicator from its tray. Hold the sterile applicator horizontally and place one drop of Latisse solution on the area of the applicator closest to the tip (but not on the tip!).

Step 3 Apply to Skin
Draw the applicator carefully from the inner to outer lashline on your upper eyelid/lashes, just as you would apply liquid eyeliner. It should feel lightly moist without any runoff.

Step 4 Blot Excess LATISSE
Blot any excess solution (or runoff) beyond the eyelid with a tissue. There should only be solution on the lashline of your upper eyelid/lashes.

Step 5 Dispose of Applicator
Dispose of the applicator after you use it once and repeat this process for your opposite eyelid. You need to use a new sterile applicator to minimize the chances of potential contamination.

* Results are not guaranteed. They may vary by person. For more detail please call us 484-341-8239