Bella Medspa Laser Hair Removal Lifetime Discounted Treatments with all 6 Treatment Packages

Bella Medspa 6 treatment laser hair removal packages come with a lifetime discount on single treatment touch ups and maintenance.

Everyone responds differently to laser hair removal. Some people need only 6 treatments and are satisfied. Others need more. And some are satisfied after 6 but need touch ups months and years later because of hormonal changes and other reasons.

By offering an initial 6 treatment package with discounted treatments for life we give our clients flexibility. Once you have completed your 6 treatment package you can be assured that you won't incur exorbitant future treatment costs if you want additional treatments. We're proud to stand behind our service. And our clients feel comfortable knowing that when buying a package they can be assured results.

We have confidence in our equipment, training process and the experience of our technicians. Most clients are satisfied after six treatments. But if anytime after finishing a 6 treatment laser hair removal package with us you feel you need additional maintenance treatments Bella Medspa makes them available to you at a significant discount. Please call our office for details.