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Laser Hair Removal Skin Types

Using focused light to slow and stop unwanted hair growth sounds like science fiction, but for the smooth-skinned clients at Bella Medspa, it's a fact. Laser hair removal operates on the principle that certain colors absorb light differentially, allowing a pulsed laser to deliver heat to a specific area without disturbing nearby skin.

While the first laser hair removal treatments required a greater contrast between hair follicles and the surrounding skin, more finely calibrated equipment such as the Lumenis LightSheer diode laser make hair removal available for all skin types.

The Six Skin Types For Laser Hair Removal

  • Light skin is so fair that delicate veins are often visible under the skin's surface. Visible freckles, light blond or red hair and a propensity to sunburn quickly are hallmarks of light skin.

  • Fair skin typically has a more uniform pigmentation than light skin, freckling only after exposure to sunlight. Fair-skinned people still burn easily and must take precautions during a day at the beach.

  • Medium skin covers a relatively large range of skin tones from bisque to light bronze. Those with medium skin tan well and typically burn only when spending hours in the sun without sunscreen. Hair colors range from sandy blond to black.

  • Olive skin is also sometimes called Mediterranean skin. It refers to a deeper skin tone with hints of gold that turn the bluish undertones of fairer skin types to a slight green cast that resembles the hue of an olive. Olive-skinned people typically tan well and rarely burn. Most people with light or dark olive skin have dark hair.

  • Brown skin, like medium skin, encompasses a broad range of hues ranging from a light cafe au Lite to deeper milk chocolate tones. People with brown skin generally have dark hair and almost never burn.

  • Black skin varies from deep mahogany hues to an intense brown-black. People with black skin never develop a sunburn and almost always have naturally dark hair and eyes.

Lumenis LightSheer for All Skin Types

Skin pigmentation occurs only throughout a relatively narrow layer of skin. The Lumenis LightSheer diode laser has greater target resolution at deeper levels of skin, allowing it to remove hair at the follicle without harming skin pigment.

ChillTip technology keeps the removal process cool and comfortable throughout the procedure. The Lumenis LightSheer can reach hair of any diameter and depth even on darker skin tones.

Bella Medspa employs Lumenis LightSheer diode laser hair removal at all locations.

Bella Medspa offers laser hair removal for all skin types at all 6 of our locations: Philadelphia, Newtown, PA, Chester Springs, Reading, PA, Lancaster, PA and Camp Hill.