Sun Damage Treatment

Day and evening appointments available at our offices in Philadelphia on Rittenhouse Square, Newtown (Bucks County), Chester Springs, Harrisburg and Lancaster, PA.

Bella Medspa offers both IPL photofacial and laser skin resurfacing to treat sun damage. Both utilize laser technology to allow people to enjoy clearer skin. Multiple treatments may be necessary for succesful sun spots removal.

Depending on the severity of the damage five or more appointments may be needed. Each appointment lasts between 30 and 90 minutes, and treatments are typically scheduled one month apart.

Sun Damage

Sun damage can be initially evident in a sunburn, but the damage that is being done within the skin does not completely fade when a sunburn is gone. Permanent damage to the pigmentation of the skin is hard to detect at first. As exposure to the sun without protection happens again, splotches of darkened or red skin may be noticed throughout the year.

Laser skin resurfacing and IPL for sun damage do not reverse the damage that has been done to the skin, but it is able to improve the appearance of skin in just a few treatments. Anyone who feels embarrassed about sun spots or damage should consider the treatment option for an improved look and a boost in confidence.

Sun Spots

Sun spots are typically experienced after a person has spent an excessive amount of time in the sun. The increased UV exposure is the cause for these spots. When the skin is exposed to a high level of UV because a person spends time outdoors without sun protection, melanin levels increase. This leads to a darkening of the skin.

While these spots are not painful, the presence of blotchy, dark spots can be unsightly and embarrassing. IPL and laser skin resurfacing for sun spots work to reduce the appearance of dark blotches on the skin. The laser uses a light that is absorbed by the skin and breaks up the melanin to lighten the area affected by sun damage.

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