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Botox Cost

Anti-aging procedures have risen in popularity and accessibility over the past 15+ years. Science and technology have reached a place where numerous minimally-invasive, low-risk, and effective options exist for eliminating wrinkles and other signs of aging.

Today’s techniques are both precise and effective. Patients can achieve natural-looking and youthful skin with brief outpatient procedures.

Once you learn about the incredible results that are possible, the next question is about affordability. Despite their safety and widespread use, injectables such as like Botox are still medical procedures.

Patients may suspect that either the injectable itself or the procedure is too expensive to justify the investment, but Botox’s long-lasting use is a testament to its treatment value. Its widespread use has streamlined the procedure to the point where it can be completed in an outpatient office visit that takes only 30 minutes.

This allows clinics like Bella Medspa to provide the service at affordable prices without sacrificing expertise, professionalism, or safety.

What is Botox?

Botulinum toxin, or Botox, is the most widely-used injectable solution for wrinkles. It’s a neuromodulator derived from a bacteria that has a paralytic effect. The developers purified and synthesized the bacteria, allowing Botox to target specific facial muscles.

It’s administered with several small injections. Botox enters nerves and prevents them from telling the muscles to contract, which smooths the skin and eliminates wrinkles.

Is Botox for You?

Virtually anyone over 21 years old with facial wrinkles is an appropriate candidate for Botox. That being said, the treatment is most effective for those with dynamic wrinkles, which are the ones that become most pronounced when you move your face or make certain expressions.

The only individuals who should not receive Botox are those who have had prior adverse reactions to Botox or who currently have an active infection. Always disclose your full medical history to your provider to ensure there are no possible negative interactions with Botox.

Botox Risks and Safety

Although its main active ingredient is bacteria, Botox is completely safe and does not affect the patient beyond its paralytic effect on the targeted nerves.

The most significant risk with Botox is tied to the injection process. There is a dense and complicated network of muscle, blood vessels, and nerves underneath your skin–only a trained and experienced professional is capable of targeting the specific nerve that controls the muscles causing your wrinkles.

Stories about excessively swollen eyelids, permanent facial paralysis, and blindness are almost always the product of injections administered by inexperienced personnel. As a patient, you should never have Botox administered at a injectable party, in a salon, or at home using products you purchased online.

Botox Skin Areas

Botox is FDA-approved to treat facial wrinkles. It’s best suited for dynamic wrinkles, which appear when muscle contractions bunch together loose tissue or hypertensive muscle creates fine lines.

The most common application sites for a Botox patient are:

  • Forehead: the bunching and furrowing across the forehead when you smile
  • Around the Eyes: crow’s feet and fine lines around the eyes that fan out toward the cheeks
  • Between the Eyebrows: frown lines and scrunching that appear above the nose
  • Either or Both Sides of the Nose: fine lines or folds that pop up during certain expressions
  • Around the Mouth: fine lines that extend straight up from the lips to the cheeks or chin

Botox cost varies based on your geographic location, the number of injections you need, and your provider’s level of expertise. The cost typically includes the prices of both the injectable and the procedure itself.

Wrinkles appear when the muscle, fat, and soft tissue that acts as the skin’s framework breaks down. The resulting space allows the skin to sink, sag, and bunch. Everyone ages differently, so everyone’s wrinkles will vary.

Your muscle tonicity and skin’s overall health will also influence how your wrinkles appear. As a result, different dosages of Botox and injection sites may be necessary.

The cost of the procedure can vary depending on the area(s) you need treated and the dosage needed. This is individual to every patient. Scheduling a free consultation with Bella Medspa will allow us to properly assess your wrinkles and determine the correct course of treatment as well as its cost.

Why Choose Bella Medspa?

Botox injections are most successful when they’re administered by highly trained and experienced providers. Bella Medspa has been a premier Botox provider for 10 years, and we’ve treated well over 50,000 patients. We pride ourselves in providing an outstanding experience for each patient who walks through our doors, whether they come to us for botulinum toxin injections or a different kind of procedure.

That level of experience, coupled with our ongoing training, maximizes our ability to deliver subtle and natural-looking results.

Allergen ranks Bella Medspa within the top 3% of Botox providers and granted us Diamond provider status based on our success. This ranking grants us access to provider discounts that we then pass on to our clients through lower prices.

Bella Medspa respects and values our clients’ time–the clinical teams’ skill allows us to maintain a consistent appointment schedule. Procedures are performed on time and efficiently to ensure you can resume your day as soon as possible.


Botox is a safer, rapidly effective, and convenient alternative to traditional face-lifts. In addition, it can treat wrinkles early in their development, before a face-lift would be considered necessary.

Bella Medspa has the knowledge to determine if Botox is right for you and the skilled physicians to help you reach your skincare goals. Come visit our office today!

Botox Cost FAQ

Good candidates for Botox are over 18 years old, free of active infections, and have not previously reacted to a Botox injection in an adverse way. Anyone with facial wrinkles they’d like to erase should schedule a consultation to ensure Botox is the correct injectable to smooth and rejuvenate their skin so as to return it to its youthful form.

We recommend that patients who are breastfeeding or who have a neurological condition avoid Botox.

Your consultation will be thorough but brief. The dermatology provider will ask about your experience with Botox and any medical history that could affect Botox’s effectiveness.

They will also assess your skin and wrinkles to determine if you are likely to respond to Botox, then they will explain each step of the procedure. Feel free to ask them questions.

The FDA first approved Botox to treat facial wrinkles in 2002. Different formulations of Botox have been used since the 1970s to help treat lazy eye, muscle cramps, and certain neurological conditions.

Generally, treatments take up to 30 minutes. The injection site, the nature of your wrinkles, and the number of injections needed will determine the exact duration of the procedure.

Botox does not require recovery time. There may be slight discomfort and swelling after the injection, but nearly everyone immediately resumes their day.

Many patients book Botox injections on their lunch breaks and then return to work, or undergo them before heading home for the day.

Since Botox is also one of the oldest and most well-known cosmetic products on the market, it’s a brand that many people recognize and trust for predictable and reliable results. Thanks to this branding, many physicians are licensed to administer it.

Natural. Botox does not involve injecting a filler or altering the structure of your face. It only relaxes muscles, preventing the appearance of wrinkles. Only the targeted muscle is affected, so you’ll still be able to make your normal facial expressions.

Botox’s effects last as long as the injectable continues disrupting the nerve. The effects of Botox will last 3 – 4 months for most clients.

Your metabolism, your inherent degree of muscle tension, and your body’s response to the Botox will ultimately determine how long the injection remains effective. You can tell it’s time for another treatment when lines and wrinkles begin to reappear.

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