Laser Hair Removal Techs

Laser Technicians and Estheticians at Bella Medspa

Well Trained, Experienced, Following a Strict Protocol Developed by our Medical Director.

Bella Medspa technicians are some of the most experienced and well trained in the industry. With six locations in South Eastern Pennsylvania, we treat hundreds of clients each week.


No matter how much experience a nurse or esthetician comes to us with, they must undergo Bella Medspa’s Laser Hair Removal Training.

Our training includes a rigorous overview of laser physics, safety and operation, skin typing, patient selection and treatment, and extensive hands-on training.

But that is just the beginning of what you should know about our staff! First and foremost, we hire people. When we bring someone onto our team, we are looking for friendly, empathetic, caring individuals—the kind of people our clients will feel extremely comfortable with. We understand that when you come in for treatment, you may feel “exposed”—both physically and emotionally. We understand that you may be embarrassed by what you consider to be excess body or facial hair.

We commit ourselves to making sure that our staff is not only well trained, but is optimally suited to handle all your needs during your treatment. We want you to feel relaxed, safe and confident. If you have questions or concerns at any time during your consultation or treatment, we ask that you let us know. We are here to help you!


Our technicians are among the most experienced in South Eastern PA. Because we see hundreds of clients every week, our laser technicians are always occupied providing treatment.

Our technicians treat clients with a variety of conditions. They learn how to assess each client and adjust treatment accordingly. Our technicians gain experience with how to treat all skin types and body areas for both men and women.

Laser Hair Removal Protocol

The Bella Medspa medical director, Dr Avidon Appel, has developed a strict protocol that guides our technicians in safe treatment of our clients. This protocol sets specific guidelines for treatment settings and procedures. Each laser technician must pass a hands-on test demonstrating their understanding of Bella Medspa laser hair removal protocol.

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