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Get younger, fuller.. sexy eyes by growing your own natural eyelashes using LATISSE. It is the only eyelash enhancement growth product on the market that is proven to grow you eyelashes longer, thinker and darker.

It is the first and only FDA approved prescription treatment for growing eye lashes longer, fuller and darker.

LATISSE is believed to affect the growth phase of the eyelash hair cycle in two ways:
1. it increases the length of this phase
2. it increases the number of hairs in this growth phase.
With daily application your eyelashes will become longer and fuller.

The LATISSE solution is self applied daily over the first 12 to 16 weeks to achieve full results. After that you will need to maintain your lashes with applications of 3 to 5 times per week. Learn More

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All medical services are overseen by our medical director, Dr. Appel who has over 10 years experienced in medical aesthetics field.

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