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Microdermabrasion Chester Springs, PA

120 Pottstown Pike, Chester Springs, PA

Restore Your Youthful Glow...

Although the United States has used dermabrasion only since the 1990's, a rudimentary form of microdermabrasion dates back to ancient Egyptian doctors. At that time, a type of sandpaper was used to exfoliate away the top layers of skin in order to uncover new, healthy skin cells and lightened scars.

Rest assured, microdermabrasion has come a long way. Our Chester Springs microdermabrasion location, conveniently located near Exton and West Chester, offers the most advanced dermabrasion treatment currently on the market - the DiamonTome. This innovative machine improves wrinkles, skin texture and color, without inflicting the slightest pain or requiring even minimal downtime.

Benefits Include:

Bella Medspa Chester Springs Microdermabrasion uses a diamond tipped wand to loosen and exfoliate old, damaged skin cells. Made of surgical grade stainless steel, these wand tips are embedded with natural diamond and come in a variety of sizes.

These special qualities allow for individualized care of every patient and every skincare concern. Once the diamond tip makes contact with the skin, it a brades against the top layer (epidermis), loosening and extracting the worn and weathered older skin cells. The loosened skin is then immediately vacuumed away and deposited onto a small disposable filter.

Typically microdermabrasion is performed in a series of 5 to 8 30-minute treatments, spread 10 to 30 days apart.

Although results are gradual and multiple treatments are recommended for treatment of sun damage, fine lines, shallow acne scarring and dry patches, countless men and women report obvious improvement after just one treatment.

Our Medical Director

All medical services are overseen by our medical director, Dr. Appel who has over 10 years experienced in medical aesthetics field.

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