Obagi nu derm blender

Obagi Nu Derm Blender

The Obagi Nu Derm Blender is a topical cream designed to reduce hyperpigmentation on the skin. It can also be used to reduce the prominence of freckles, age spots and other skin discoloration such as melasma or Chloasma faciei. Hydroquinone is used to lighten the dark blemishes on the skin, allowing the colors to blend more naturally.

The cetyl alcohol provides antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits. Glycerin is the key ingredient in moisturizing the skin as it draws the moisture from inside the body up through the layers of dermis rather than relying on external moisture that evaporates off the skin.

Clear Blender That Works

Everyone’s skin is different, but the ingredients in Obagi Nu Derm Blender are designed to work with both dry and oily skin. Since the Obagi Nu Derm technology concentrates on healing the skin from within, it works with the skin’s natural state and helps it find the balance between dry and oily.

With glycerin as a main ingredient, this blender can also be used by most people with sensitive skin that is easily irritated by other cleansers.

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The Obagi Nu Derm products blend the most beneficial ingredients into a product that works better than other prescription-strength skin care products. Bella Medspa has Obagi Nu Derm Blender in stock and available right now.

Bella Medspa carries the entire line of Obagi Nu Derm products that work with any skin type and condition. Order Obagi Nu Derm Blender at.

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